Virtual Challenge

Virtual Challenge

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Respond to the question(s) posed and referencing the assigned text readings (5 points)
Respond to at least two peers’ postings in a professional, kind and thought-provoking manner based on your own learning from the text, your world experience, and/or your world view (5 points)
Respond to at least one of the responses to your initial posting, again using a professional, kind and thought-provoking approach (5 points)
Utilize proper punctuation and grammar (5 points)
Expectations for initial postings:

Your response should be two to three paragraphs in length. In general, a single paragraph consists of three or more related sentences.
Do not plagiarize! If you quote the book, use appropriate APA citation(s). If you paraphrase, use appropriate APA citations.
You must reference the text and/or extraneous readings in your response to earn full credit.
You are encouraged to end your posting with a compelling question (This makes it easier for your peers to respond to your posting).
Finally, it is best practice to post early and continually participate throughout the session. You will be graded not only for your posting, but your continued participation in this discussion.


You will hear controversial issues in the workplace, in classes and even at home. Experts often disagree on controversial issues, and many issues remain controversies for years. Read both “I Want a Wife,” by Judy Brady, Bedford Guide, pp. 542-544 and “Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders,” by Dave Barry, Bedford Guide, pp. 539-541. Be sure you respond to each of the five topics below in your three to five paragraph response.

Compare and contrast the rhetorical stance of each writer.
Compare and contrast the tone of each writer. Would a different tone have strengthened either essay? Why or why not?
Compare and contrast the use of cause and effect in each essay.
Compare and contrast the solutions each writer offers. What is your response to each proposed solution?
Choose one of the essays and give a brief evaluation of its effectiveness in challenging stereotypes of men and women.


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