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How the art value of timepieces evokes consumers to have a desire to purchase luxury watches.


The art value of timepieces involves the craftsmanship of watches, the brand history, image, design and material.

History- Brand like Cartier have its well-known history and it can help the brand to build up a brand image to customers.
Craftsmanship- It is one of the essential element of a luxury watch.
There are historic craftsmanship in companies like Rolex and Patek Philippe. They have the world best watch escapements.
Also technique from the companies Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpels like Enamel painting, high relief hand engraving, straw marquetry, diamond setting…etc also gain up loads of art value for watches.

There are always Stories and meanings behind the VCA watches and Cartier watches. For stance, Cartier Santos, Tank, Ballon Blue, VCA Pont des Amoureux Poetic

Cartier’s Métiers d’Art Collection is a good example to show the craftsmanship too.

About the diamond watches,collections from Van Cleef and Arpels(VCA), Chopard, Cartier high jewelry watches are good examples.

Manufacturing- (Just simply write about it as I will add more words in this area in the future) Expensive materials are used on generating the watches, like 18K yellow/white/rose gold on the watch case, diamond on the dial, lizard or crocodile leather on the straps.

Secondly, How the companies promote their products by loads of advertisement is the key element to evoke the customers to have a desire to buy the watches.
Try to write about the value of luxury value of timepieces in the global market and indicate different successful advertisements from the brands, especially Cartier and Patek Philippe. Cartier spent a tenth of its profit for advertising every year, that is why it is one of the strongest brand in the world. Also companies spent a large amount of money to set up events for promoting too. Eventually it has to written out why people from the China market spent a lot of money to purchase an expensive luxury watches.

“Odyssee de Cartier” -one of the best advertisement from Cartier.

*Important* Events below needs to be written:
(1)Basel Fair 2013
(2)Watches and Wonders2013 in Hong Kong
(3)Tank MC launch in Hong Kong (Famous celebrity Andy Lau attended for the event)

Here are the top 10 watch companies.
1. Patek Philippe
2. Audemars Pigeut
3. Piaget
4. Jaeger-Le Coulter
5. Vacheron Constantin
6. Rolex
7. Cartire
8. IWC
10. Omega

I wish it can be used Cartier as a starting point.
Also,The documents I uploaded are used to link up the information to this writing. Keep using the reference from the research list and please extending the bibliography.
*CAUTION* This is required to indicate about information from the enquiry I uploaded and reference from books below.
Tungate, M. 2009, Luxury World: The Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brands,
London, Kogan Page.
Meta-luxury Brands and the Culture of Excellence,Manfredi Ricca/Rebecca Robins

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