What An Academic Paper Entails

After high school, students no longer write simple compositions but are now required to write articles with more sophistication. These are articles that require the students to read, think, argue and write about great ideas that constitute what we call an academic paper. These academic papers include term papers, thesis, academic research papers and other academic essays. At this advanced level, the academic paper is not only meant to earn you marks but now it is subject to scrutiny by scholars.
Before embarking on writing an academic paper, the student needs to come up with a topic the he or she wishes to base his argument on. There is need to think critically and come up with an informed argument. The student is allowed to refer or extract information from the factual, correct and up to date books, articles, journals, on line research libraries or refer to academic research papers formally done by scholars and researchers. Do not include information that is irrelevant or you don’t understand in your academic paper. The ideas you present in your academic paper must be in your own words and avoid plagiarism. If you want to quote someone, make sure you note the original source and write it down verbatim.
After coming up with the topic, you must present it to your professor and obtain approval for your topic before embarking on writing your academic paper. If it’s good the professor can then approve the academic paper and even give suggestions on how to make it better. The professor also needs to tell you the guidelines and format on how to write the academic paper since there are many citations which include APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago.
After getting approval the student then embarks on writing the academic paper. This will require thorough research to enable one understand the topic and make up one’s mind on what they think about it. The person writing the academic paper needs to be familiar with the topic in order for the writing to flow from one point to another. When the student is confident enough with the information gathered he can now write the academic paper.
The academic paper is divided into three major parts namely: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction briefly states the reason for writing and the major points that are going to be covered. The body is where you break down the information and give points to support the stand or topic you’ve taken. The conclusion is where you basically summarize your argument.
After you’re through, submit the academic paper to the relevant academic staff. In the case of academic research paper the student is required to submit it to a journal where it can either be approved or rejected. For scientific journals they use peer review process whereby a panel of researchers, most likely in the same field, review your work to ascertain its quality. Writing academic papers is very useful in pursuit of knowledge, especially for those who will continue to do research throughout their careers.

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