What are College Essays for?

Gone are the days when the perfect grades and points were all you needed to get a position in the college of your dreams. The competition is high and the risks are higher. Institutions have become corrupt with back door entries into schools and the only way left is to stand out from the crowd. College essays equip you with a better weapon than your competitor’s fat bank account. Though nothing comes easy, it is worth the try if you have your past experiences to show for it.

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Nowadays, it’s a survival for the fittest arena and if you do not know anyone in the management office, then you might just as well kiss your diploma or degree good bye. ‘Live your dream’ has always been the wise men’s advice and college essays are a key to this treasure. An essential part of the admission process. After identifying the college that will favor your financial situation, you need to convince the admission officer that you are worth saving, in case a rich applicant comes along with a bribe. It is no secret the extents one goes in this desperate situations. Therefore when penning down college essays extra keenness and skill is required. If you believe that you are equipped with more than 10 out of 10 you got in the kindergarten compositions, then you have what it takes.

Besides educating and advancing the knowledge of students in the society, reputable colleges demand applications from only those who perceive themselves as worthy of the invitation. Having spent so much on the scholarship advertisement, they expect an equal share in return. That is where the college essays come in. As the applicant, you cannot stand out from the crowd just because you dream of inventing plastic buildings to save the environment and stop people from cutting trees.

Like parents, the admission officer seeks to invest the institution’s resources in a worthy project. In other words, a student with a talent, passion and experience in music would be a better candidate than one who just came out top in the class. Time is money and none of them should be wasted just because the parent hopes his child will fulfill a childhood ambition on their behalf.

College essays give you a chance to express yourself to a stranger and make him pick your raffle ticket from the baggage in the draw ball. When a college advertises online or in the press, they target a wide range of applicants; so presenting a personal statement of your age, how you enjoyed playing catch in school would be a waste of time. The content in your essay should be genuine and consistent to your talent. Taking a course just because it pays a lot will get you in trouble with destiny. You better get started on the list of what you do best if you do not know yet, it will be of great advantage when you get to college. Be assured; if your hoping for good college options, they will need those essays.

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