What to Consider when Writing a William Shakespeare Research Paper

William Shakespeare is acclaimed by all. To do a research paper on him needs a proper understanding of the man, his environment and his works. A William Shakespeare research paper is likely to be judged ruthlessly if not critically and if you are to make it through, your facts must be right and your interpretations sharp.

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A William Shakespeare research paper could be on his relevance today. Whether what he wrote true applies to this age. Such a paper would have to look at Macbeth and what desire for power does to people even today. Society’s moral depreciation would make a good William Shakespeare research paper, focusing on lust for position and the many plots people hatch nowadays to get what they want.

Othello highlights what a jealous lover can do, worse yet, if it is a man. A William Shakespeare research paper on the relevance of the man to our world today would dwell on how the news is filled with similar plots and events. How many a husband has killed his wife, sometimes in the coldest of ways? Our world understands cruelty, only now based on images from across the world displayed sometimes on real-time. This William Shakespeare research paper will dwell on some of these differences too. It’s all about how one argues out their point of view in any research paper. Othello is as raw as they come, the low social stature gives him survival values. This has not changed at all.

Another William Shakespeare research paper could be based on the review of any of his famous plays, tragedy and comedy alike. Be it Merchant of Venice or Romeo and Juliet. Other than his poems, one could look at his poems. Understanding his sonnets is quite a task and any poet will tell if you are to do a William Shakespeare research paper on them, it will take you some time.

This is because his imagery is brilliant, the sound and rhythm is comples and the structure of every verse demands one’s attention and better if you have, experience. Sonnet XVIII also called, ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?’ was written about 1599 and published by Thomas Thorpe in 1609 with more than 150 others. This is what is meant when they say that for a William Shakespeare research paper, your facts have to be right. The lovers of Shakespeare will let you go Scott free if you treat lightly some of the information.

This sonnet for instance, is the most famous one and has 14 lines with three quatrains and a couplet. A quatrain is four rhymed lines. A couplet is a pair of rhymed lines. Find out as much as you can before you delve into the Shakespearean world.

If you know any lover of his works then talk to them. They will probably be more than glad to help with your William Shakespeare research paper. They know the actors and their characters, the poems and their histories and most of all the man and his mystery. An interesting topic for a William Shakespeare research paper would be the women in the man’s life.

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