What You Need To Know About Custom Essay Writing

There are some things that you just have to know so as to be able to go well about custom essay writing.

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Know your subject matter


Writing is as diverse as there are people. Therefore, you need to understand the basics of the subject matter. This will help you come up with a structure of how to go about your custom essay writing.


Once you have identified your subject matter, adopt it to your niche. This is where creativity comes in handy.


Do your research

Knowing the subject matter is one step towards custom essay writing. Research helps you address the fundamental questions that your readers will ask. Descriptive essay is a popular type of essay among students. Usually the type of custom essay writing involved will seek to address the 5w’s and h. They are who, what, when, where, why and how.


Who is your target audience? You need to know who you are writing for. An essay is a story and depending on the type of essay, it is important to identify the audience.


What is happening? Once you identify the target audience, determine the plot of the story. In a descriptive essay for example, this is where you illustrate the events that are occurring.


When did it happen? In custom essay writing, stating when an event occurred and giving reference to dates when the events happened will give credibility to your essay. Term papers one of many types of essays, are particularly focused in highlighting this.


Where did it happen? Stating where events occurred will give the reader an idea of the history behind the event, sights and sounds and also give a vivid picture of the setting that the essay is focused on.


Why did it happen? In descriptive essay writing the need to explain why something is the way it is cannot be over emphasized. This will help the reader understand the product or service better.


How? In custom essay writing how describes why things are the way they are.


Types of custom essay writing

Now that you know what to write about (subject matter) and have done your research about how to go about it, you need to establish the type of custom essay writing that will suit your needs or that of your client.



There are many types of custom essays below are some of the common types:


  • Argumentative essays– Argumentative essays simply state facts that are for or against a specified subject matter


  • Descriptive– descriptive essays are mainly vivid in nature. Taking the reader through the experience. Here, the custom essay writing techniques used seeks to address the 5w’s and h mentioned earlier.


  • Narrative– A narrative is a story that takes you through events in the view of the writer and are usually arranged in a sequence


  • Term papers– Are very popular custom essay writing with students. They are academic in nature and are on high demand.


  • Descriptive essays– Descriptive essays give a vivid picture of places, people or events.


  • Cause and effect– This essays describe consequences to actions. They mainly give pros and cons. Custom essay writing of cause and effect essays are similar to comparison and contrast essays as they give the reader two sides of an argument.


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