What You Should Know Before You Write an MBA Admission Essay

An MBA admission essay is important because it helps a prospective student gain entry in a post graduate institution. The presentation may determine whether you not only successfully enroll for a master’s degree but also a scholarship. Since it is a high level admission essay make sure to include comprehensive critique with well thought out, detailed writing techniques.

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  • Prompt analysis – When all is said and done you need to write an essay therefore it is important to do your research on what different schools offer. Your vocational interest will help you narrow down to a suitable topic. You need to define a topic and thoroughly analyze how to make it work for you. This can be done by gathering information about it in the library or online. While looking through books, you can save time by simply going through the table of contents. That gives you an idea of what the book contains and helps determine it’s relevance to your topic.
  • Brainstorming– As a student it is important to figure out an effective way to present your MBA admission essay. Usually it may vary from the admission essays you have written before such as graduate admission essay or even a college admission essay. Here limited space is provided to avoid unnecessary details. Brainstorming with other students helps by giving you suggestions on how to effectively approach your admission essay.
  • Writing– Just like graduate and college essays, MBA admission essays also need you to portray your character. If you have reached this level you obviously have good grades. Therefore when writing an admission essay, do not over emphasize your grades because you may come off as an overachiever. The admission board seeks to evaluate your qualities as an individual. This can only be achieved when you show your personality in your essay. Cliché words should be avoided at all costs. They tend to take up too much space which you do not have.
  • Revising– Revising your admission essay is good. It shows that you pay attention to details, have checked grammatical errors, punctuation and sentence structure. Ivy League admission boards often state that the best MBA admission essays from current students are those that the student felt strongly about. In some cases the writer may be carried away. Make sure you go over your work when you are done and do not forget to request someone else to have a look at your essay as well. They may detect errors you wouldn’t otherwise have seen before.

Generally before you write an MBA admission essay, you need to know what tips will improve your chances. This is because it may slightly differ from the admission essays you have written before. The need to do research can not be over emphasized. Topics often used in writing an admission essay seek to go deeper and try to find out how a personal experience helped shape the person you are now.





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