When Does Personhood Begin

When Does Personhood Begin

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Read the essay When Does Personhood Begin? published in the July 2004 issue of Christianity Today.

After you have read and reread the essay, respond to the following questions. You’ll need to refer to specifics in the essay to answer these questions, so it is a good idea to print a copy to mark up/annotate.
What do you think of Smietana’s use of an anecdote to begin this essay?
What is the subject of this argument essay? Explain this question in your own words.
What complications does Smietana introduce to show the complexity of the question the title asks?
Identify the people Smietana cites in this essay. Who are they? What position does each of them take?
Identify any opposing views Smietana introduces. Does he counter argue? How? How effective is the refutation?
How does this essay broaden and complicate your views or position on this question?
Who is the author? Does he speak as an authority on this subject or as a reporter?



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