Which Focus of Commitment Is Stronger At Various Levels of the Company Hierarchy? Custom Essay

What do i expect you to write;
It is important to keep in mind that your intro should pay attention and focus on to the two types of perceived support (supervisor support and team support), commitment (organizational commitment and team commitment), and turnover intentions, differences in ranks, which research gap you anticipate on and what you contribute to the literature. In your lit review you can write about:
Explaining Perceived support, and more specifically on PSS (perceived supervisor support) and PTS (perceived team (colleagues) support), and the theories of interest
Explaining Commitment, more specifically on organizational and team commitment, and theories.
The relationships between PSS (perceived supervisor support)- org commitment + hypothesis and PTS (perceived team support) -team commitment + hypothesis
Same to turnover intentions, so;
The relationships between PSS (perceived supervisor support) – org commitment – turnover intentions + hypothesis and PTS (perceived team support) – team commitment – turnover intentions + hypothesis
A piece on the (military) ranks, and why it is important, and why do you expect theoretical differences between different ranks + hypotheses

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