Writing A Thesis Is Not That Hard

Please do not invest time and resources into writing a thesis unless you are sure you know and understand what your professor expects as well as the thesis committee. If you just blindly leap headlong into writing, you might regret at the end of your masters.

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Your thesis should add new knowledge into the field of study or academic area. The committee wants to ensure that you contributed into the field you study in. It should not be confused with a book report, essay, class assignment or research paper. The thesis should show originality in terms of how it has been thought out. Because of this, ensure your topic gives you room to be innovative as much as possible. For your thesis to stand out, write about the unchartered waters in your area of study.

Writing a thesis needs research, lots of it. You should know and understand your subject and research done on it by others. Your professor must be persuaded that your research covered the length and breadth of the studied area sufficiently. Your ability to convey this in writing will be a bonus to you and contribute to the grade you get.

The person reading your thesis should find appropriate evidence and illustrations that support whichever claim you make. When writing a thesis, your arguments must be well-structured and supported by sufficient material. This is because it is these, well-constructed arguments and claims that will earn you your grade. Use the most respected and current sources for your examples and quotations.

Organizing your thesis will involve dividing the main topics in to subtopics which will be treated each with its own chapter. Chapters later on may need to be further divided into sections to help the reader to understand and with ease follow your work. Neat and organized work is also easier to present and defend. Writing a thesis is not a haphazard undertaking.

Language is the main form of expression for the findings in your thesis. If the work is to be organized, then the language/words have to be too. Some professors cannot stomach grammatical errors, incorrect spelling and style not worth an academic endeavor. Impress your professor with your mature writing style of well researched and organized work. One loses points if work is carelessly prepared or presented. Writing a thesis requires hours put into editing, revision, rewriting and repeated proofreading. You can use a friend for this if they can handle it.

In a nutshell that is what you should bear in mind when writing a thesis. Original thought process, thorough research, well formed arguments; outstanding writing and general organization are the pointers to look for when writing.

How do you survive through writing a thesis? Pick a topic in an area that interests you. This way, you will be willing to sacrifice to do a good job. The enthusiasm you put in writing your thesis will be seen in your work. Nothing would make a professor happier.

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