Writing Custom Essays

Writing custom essays is not the easiest of projects. Indeed, some may consider sky-diving to be an easier task! But writing an essay is not that difficult, once you have mastered the rules and formulas that best serve your purpose. These rules are not many, nor are they complex, and once you learn to keep your audience in mind, writing custom essays should become a much easier task.

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1.         Consider Your Audience

Whatever the kind of writing you are engaged in, it is vital to consider who you are writing custom essays for. This will allow you to tailor your writing to them, and your tone may actually set the level of success you will have with your project. If you are writing for children, you must try to keep your language more simplistic, while if you are laboring on a thesis on physics, the technicalities are what will matter to the academics who read it.

No matter what subject, and who the audience is, however, the most important factors in any reading material are Clarity and Simplicity. A writer should make the reader’s job easy, even enjoyable. They should not have to labor to discover what you are talking about at any point.

2.         The Formula

The general formula for writing custom essays successfully is:

1)            Introduction: Tell them what you are going to tell them, in a snapshot

2)            Body: Tell them what is it you want to tell them

3)            Conclusion: Tell them what you have told them

This may sound easy, even comical, but it is actually the essence of an essay structure, no matter what the topic is. Still, it isn’t as easy to do as it looks, so here are more details:

  • Capture your audience with a powerful, compelling introduction
  • Keep your audiences moving forward with content that is both informative and interesting. What makes writing custom essays interesting is not least your personal brand of distinction. As far as possible, bring out your individuality in the way you describe or explain things. It will make your essay all the more memorable.
  • Conclude simply, bringing together all the salient points in your body smoothly.

3.            Planning and Research

As with any meaningful endeavor, writing custom essays must be a carefully prepared activity. Before you ever put pen to paper, ensure you know what your topic is, and have researched it thoroughly. This helps your thinking process, but also permits you to avoid the tendency to meander off-topic, a practice that loses the writer points literally and figuratively. You should also know what the point is that you are trying to make, and have a good idea of the structure you are going to use in order to present it to the reader. Are you going to be analytical? Are you going to be argumentative?  Are you simply going to tell a story, and let the reader follow you in a point by point manner, so that he can reach the same conclusion you have?

Writing custom essays is a joy to writers who have mastered a successful style, because it is an excellent individual way to express an opinion or debate an issue clearly, concisely and intelligently. Additionally, the more the writer enjoys his task, the more likely the reader does too!


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